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Let's talk "A Cross to Bare"

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

I haven't settled on a release date for this project, just know it will drop on Halloween at the latest. So let's get familiar with all things #AC2B. Namely my FMC (Veronica) and MMC (Captain Cross).


For information on the book:

For the quick and dirty:

This upcoming Halloween novelette is a single POV, paranormal erotic something or other, about Veronica "Roni" Walker, a lover of all things Halloween. After back-to-back years of subpar celebrations with her usual crew, she opts to branch out and do something different--a solo trip to the middle of nowhere for a stay at a haunted bed & breakfast.

Before she even sets foot on the property, Roni experiences things that make it appear as though this, was a very bad decision. Depending on how you feel, about things you can't see, that is. And that's before the unexplainable becomes undeniable.


Who is Veronica?

Veronica "Roni" Walker is a Black woman in her mid-30s hailing from Prince George's County, MD. She's the planning type without being overbearing. The fun friend who can flip a switch to the no-nonsense mother hen of the friend group at the drop of a hat. The type of individual who doesn't believe in putting out her light to spare someone else's feelings.

And that's why she's headed two-plus hours away from civilization to celebrate alone this year.

While most people tend to lean toward Christmas or Thanksgiving as their favorite holidays, Roni is unapologetically #TeamHalloween. One need look no further than her car being named Morticia for proof (snap-snap). After finding out about the Glosbe Grove Inn, a revitalized B&B deep in southern Maryland, she researched at length to find any information that would get her closer to the rumored spirit that haunts the property.

She is far from the Blair Witch ghost hunter type, however, she plans on exhausting all avenues to make this Halloween excursion one to remember.

Who is Captain Cross?

empty ornate frame on wall

No one knows for sure.

Visitors and ghost enthusiasts of the new inn don't seem to care as long as they get even a passing chance at being in his presence.

Stories told by residents of the nearby town say he first appeared when the original Glosbe was set on fire in 1941--after he cursed the surrounding three hundred fifty acres of land.

Roni is curious enough to seek out who he is and why he's here. This intrigues him while igniting something he lost in the flames all those years ago. Something he aches to feel and be again.


If a little #paranormal activity gets your juices flowing, keep your eyes tuned to this space.

I'll pick a release date somewhere between October 1 and 31, eventually.

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