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What is a novelette?

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

And more importantly, why am I asking?


Readers of fiction have access to a variety of story lengths to quench their thirsts for entertainment.

For more voracious consumers, you all tend not to care about the length. What you want to know, IS THE STORY GOOD?

For mood readers, however, you tend to read off of feel. Does the story have to be good? Of course. But what am I in the mood/have time for right now:

  • a quickie (microfiction, short story) - the right amount of everything. Zero build up. All gas no brakes.

  • something short (novelette, novella) - you get a little more time with the characters. You get what you need with minimal investment.

  • full-length (novel) - you read this when you want the experience. The pomp and circumstance. The foreplay. Multiple positions...sorry, but you get it. Novels require an investment. A decision to spend time with these individuals.

Then there are those that are in the middle. The more nuanced reader. Your reading preferences are more like a parfait. A multi-layered combination of the two.

What is a novelette?

Per, a novelette is any short, fictional work of prose narrative. Novelettes have a lower number of words than a novel or novella, but a higher word count than other forms of prose fiction like short stories or microfiction.

Now, why are we talking about them?

Because I wrote one, duh.

In my upcoming Halloween project, A Cross to Bare, I chose to write a story completely from the woman's perspective. Why? Partially for the challenge, also, because I wanted to write something short.

(I didn't want to test stepping too far out into that space for anything longer lol.)

The early returns on my first #paranormal project have been solid so far. It chronicles the trip of a mid-30s Black woman who loves Halloween, spending a weekend at a haunted inn near Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. In looking for a different experience from her normal means of celebration, she's hoping for an unnerving, unsettling, yet fun experience.

What she finds, however, is something much bigger.

A spirit that finds something in her, that stirs a reaction some eighty years in the making in him.

#aCrosstobare , if you come for the unrest, you'll want to stick around for the rest (it's needed).

☑️ Development edit

◻️ Betas (feedback rec'd 1/2)

More info on my first ever #Halloween #novelette, soon come.

Stay tuned!

We writing novelettes and shxt, mane! Come on, Fall!

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