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What's New? What's Next?

A little update on what projects are sliding down the shoot for 2023. And yes, I know it's March.


So, because it's March, I will not bore you all with a Happy New Year message. I will, however, say that I hope the new year has been far more positive, enjoyable, and fruitful than not.

Now that we have that out of the way...

Barring any unforeseen catastrophic level edits after I get it back from zee editor extraordinaire, "Say What You Mean" (Hey Auntie 2) will be released this spring.

SWYM picks up where things left off between David Marcus and Ms. Liza following a Thanksgiving weekend to remember. In the ultimate, it was all good just a week ago story, the sneaky link duo is forced to look reality in the face and answer some tough questions.

  • What is this?

  • What are we doing?

  • Is it even worth pursuing?

And more importantly...

  • Why can't I leave your ass alone?

Do you the reader have to read Hey Auntie in order to jump in and take SWYM for a ride, nope. Would it make the experience that much more enjoyable? If you were to shake a magic 8-ball, "It is decidedly so."

Title: Say What You Mean

Genre: (filling in the) Age Gap...that's all I'm saying #olderwoman #youngerman

Release: Spring '23


Later this year, I will be releasing my second holiday project, "A Cross to Bare." This Halloween novelette, introduces us to Veronica "Roni" Walker, a lover of all things Halloween.

Following back-to-back years of celebration fails with her friends, Roni opts to break from the norm and do something solo. Something different to make her feel the spirit of the season.

After almost a year of researching haunted inns in Maryland, the weekend of her stay at the #1 spookiest bed & breakfast in the state has arrived. Through her research into the storied haint said to haunt the property, Captain Cross, Roni uncovers answers to questions some eighty years in the making.

And from the moment she penetrates the perimeter of the storied Glosbe Grove Inn, she's made to feel why this trip is unlike anything she could ever imagine.

Title: A Cross to Bare

Genre: Erotica

Release: Halloween '23


That's it and that's all for right now. Y'all be good.


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