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Anagram...must be two sides

Presenting, Anagram. My answer to running full-speed away from settling into one genre, while also fighting any thought of a second pen name. Don't try to box me in, slim!


The term "anagram" per Merriam-Webster...

an·a·gram /ˈanəˌɡram/ noun noun: anagram; plural noun: anagrams

1: a word or phrase made by transposing the letters of another word or phrase

2: anagrams plural in form but singular in construction: a game in which words are formed by rearranging the letters of other words or by arranging letters taken (as from a stock of cards or blocks) at random

Since my initial foray into the published author space in 2018, I have mentioned in books as well as on social media the individual responsible for pushing me into the game.

My dear, sweet friend, Ja who passed three years ago this May was an amazingly gifted, multi-faceted creative. While singing, dancing, fashion, and voice acting, were passions of hers, her pen was where she truly shined.

There was a raw, unapologetic edge, and emotion that burst forth in her songwriting and short stories that always spoke to something in me. It wasn't so much that I was nervous about writing so freely, as I was used to writing poetry and song lyrics heavy in metaphors and innuendo.

My use of wordplay and hide & seek delivery spoke to her artistic side in a way her writing partners didn't.

Over time we began to call one another Twin for a number of reasons (e.g. our govt names, our birthdays being two days apart, etc). However, as we began to regularly write and share things we were working on, we became unintentional betas for one another. The arrangement was seamless because our storytelling styles were similar yet reversed versions of the same pen.

She - blunt, unapologetic, and sexy

Me - tongue-in-cheek, nuanced, and provocative

The creative wavelength we shared was almost eery.

So what does that have to do with the here and now?

Though I have two self-published books to date, with two more planned for release this year--I have words, characters, and stories inside of me dying to get out. While one of my 2023 releases is a romance novel, I (again) do not view myself as a romance author. I consider myself genre-less with aspirations of writing in a couple of different lanes in the very near future.


For those who purchased/downloaded, Hey Auntie (thank you!!!), you saw the cover presented it as an Anagram Red novella. In short, if and when you see me label anything with Anagram Red, it's going to check a little more than a few boxes on the heat & spice scale. Erotica and erotica-adjacent level work, essentially.

Heavy on the on-pagery of it all!

Anagram Gray, at least for now will be everything else. Does that mean there will be zero sex on page? Sure...maybe...yes...and no. We'll cross that proverbial bridge when we get there. Yet until then just know:

Anagram Red - blunt, unapologetic, and sexy

Anagram Gray - tongue-in-cheek, nuanced, and provocative

...or something like that.

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