Unacceptable Behavior, is a collection of thirteen short stories that deal in varying degrees of interpersonal relationships.


Told from differing perspectives and writing styles, the subject matter found, dips and dodges in a way that looks to captivate, frustrate, and appeal to the reader's senses in one way or another. 

The UB collection, which ultimately serves as an introduction to the Jsin Graham Universe (JGU) includes:

A do-everything office superstar with a frustrating personal life, crosses paths with a new company hire at just the right time.


The actions of a sadistic, trust fund executive-- causes an entrepreneur to reach outside of her company for answers.

Sheer dumb luck, causes Shane "Red" Peterson to have to confess to his friends, his rather particular taste in women.


A family man and husband of an overly ambitious attorney, is propositioned by a play on one of his loves.

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