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Say What You Mean

Say What You Mean is the sequel, to my Thanksgiving novella, Hey Auntie.


The Big Book of Orgasms, vol. 2

"Strum," is a short story about musical savant, Jerian "Apollo" Adams and Gwendolyn Hill, a lawyer and angel investor. After Gwendolyn's investment group purchases a majority share in a Blues club, she visits the establishment to see Apollo, a highly sought-after guitarist, and leader of the house band, in action. After fighting a losing cliched battle with falling for a musician, Gwendolyn invites Apollo to her place--where she finds out firsthand the depths of his talent.   

"Strum" appears in The Big Book of Orgasms, Vol. 2:  69 Sexy Stories (Cleis Press).


Hey Auntie, is a Thanksgiving novella rooted in one very simple the risk worth the reward?

In this older woman/younger man erotic tale, Liza battles with a vicious case of a wandering eye caused by her co-worker's nephew, David Marcus.


When David Marcus lays eyes on Ms. Liza, passing attraction quickly grows into something more thanks to a perceived mutual interest.



Unacceptable Behavior is a collection of thirteen short stories that deal with varying degrees of interpersonal relationships.

Told from differing perspectives and writing styles, the subject matter found, dips and dodges in a way that looks to captivate, frustrate, and appeal to the reader's senses in one way or another.

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