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Say What You Mean

Say What You Mean, the sequel, to the Thanksgiving novella, Hey Auntie, is a story that begs the question, "why can't I quit you?"

Greed leads to frustration. A frustration that ultimately drives David Marcus and Ms. Liza to put as much space between each other as possible. But absence makes the want grow stronger.

Desperation forces them back together, but how long before an undeniable lust, makes them face an inevitable conclusion?

The Big Book of Orgasms, vol. 2

"Strum," is a short story about musical savant, Jerian "Apollo" Adams and Gwendolyn Hill, a lawyer and angel investor. After Gwendolyn's investment group purchases a majority share in a Blues club, she visits the establishment to see Apollo, a highly sought-after guitarist, and leader of the house band, in action. After fighting a losing cliched battle with falling for a musician, Gwendolyn invites Apollo to her place--where she finds out firsthand the depths of his talent.   

"Strum" appears in The Big Book of Orgasms, Vol. 2:  69 Sexy Stories (Cleis Press).


Hey Auntie, is a Thanksgiving novella rooted in one very simple the risk worth the reward?

In this older woman/younger man erotic tale, Liza battles with a vicious case of a wandering eye caused by her co-worker's nephew, David Marcus.


When David Marcus lays eyes on Ms. Liza, passing attraction quickly grows into something more thanks to a perceived mutual interest.



Unacceptable Behavior is a collection of thirteen short stories that deal with varying degrees of interpersonal relationships.

Told from differing perspectives and writing styles, the subject matter found, dips and dodges in a way that looks to captivate, frustrate, and appeal to the reader's senses in one way or another.

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