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Hey Auntie, is Live!

The below is found in the front matter of my first standalone novel, released today.


To my literary namesake, I did it! My first standalone project is finally available for public consumption (here’s to hoping it doesn’t suck lol). It goes without saying that I wish you were still here to witness this, but life is what it is.

To the longtime and newer supporters of my work, thank you for keeping me honest, offering supportive words, badgering me, and answering the call whenever I lit those DM’s or texts up.




Taking place in the Washington, D.C. area, Hey Auntie is a #Thanksgiving #novella that begs the question "should I or shouldn't I"...and is the reward worth the risk?

Four hours from home, Elizabeth "Liza" Anderson spends Thanksgiving dinner with the family of her co-worker. The following day, she stops by her host's home to grab something she left the previous evening. When she lays eyes on six-foot-three inches of someone not at the house on Thursday, she's immediately conflicted by the easy her co-worker's nephew.

David Marcus is the crowned prince of the Collins family. The first born's firstborn, is fresh off ending a situationship and looking to enjoy his family and being home for the holiday. When he happens across Liza he's enamored by her beauty, energy, and curves, but she isn't checking for a dude my age, right? After a second chance encounter, a brief exchange leads him to throw caution to the wind.

What happens next is a back and forth testing, tasting, and penetration of wills & want.

But will giving in to temptation cause the types of problems that neither are here for?

This older woman/younger man tale is the perfect dessert to overindulge on.

Available on - <<< click here

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