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Is it too early for Halloween?

Let's rap a taste about my yet-to-be-released Halloween novelette, "A Cross to Bare." Shout out to Twitter for the inspo.


Take a trip with me if you will to the fall of 2021, October 7, to be exact. For it was on this day that a scribe by the name of Katrina Jackson (a pretty fucking amazing writer), twote the following.

Why? I don't know but I saw fit to reply to that tweet in this way.

Now you may be asking yourself, how in the hell was your head, in such a space at 10:24 in the morning? To which I would reply, don't ask me no questions and #dontjudgeme. When I am engaging with #writerTwitter, I am a firm believer in just going with it. But sometimes folks will not allow that to be a thing.

Anyway, fast forward almost 18 months and we arrive at what will soon be my second holiday offering, "A Cross to Bare."

This Halloween novelette, is a single POV, erotic something or other, about Veronica "Roni" Walker, a lover of all things Halloween. I won't get to far into "synopsizing" the story as that was already done here.

However to sum it up nice and pretty in a door-to-door, Halloween candy-sized bag:

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