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Realizations & recalibrations

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

This year has been an interesting one from a writing standpoint.

After what felt like the establishment of positive momentum through the end of last year, I had big (nonsensical as hell) plans with the Wretched for this year.

my brain:

  • I'm going to write this New Year short featuring my character Apollo (BBOO2 short: "Strum")

  • Cleis Press' Big Book of Orgasm 2 (BBOO2) anthology releases Feb. 8

  • write part II to Hey Auntie, for a March release

  • work through initial edits of my novel Talk to Me Nice for a potential Summer release

  • start work on Salt & Pepper (novella) for a Winter release

I clearly lost my whole ass mind and no one was going to say a single thing.

I put out two books in 2021 (Unacceptable Behavior and Hey Auntie), one of which was a re-release and all of sudden thought I was a full-time writer w/no responsibilities. Not taking into account life being undefeated at being itself.

But I'm recalibrated now.

Aside from only releasing one new full-length project last year, I did the most writing I have ever done in one twelve month period. That was made possible because I did something I had never done before, lauded after the fact, then forgot.

Working on multiple projects at once until one commands my undivided attention.

So we're back on that energy for the remainder of 2022.

Say What You Mean, part II to Hey Auntie is still my priority. But I'm going to let these other projects cook at the same time, hopefully recapturing last year's mojo.

Time will tell...

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