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HAPPY New Year (2022)!

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Go harder, work smarter, but be kind to yourself in the process.


Toast to good health...

Toast to new opportunities...

Toast to better follow-thru (of those opportunities)...

Toast to continued growth and ascension in all facets!

Last year for me was a step in the right direction as a writer. I worked with an editor on my words for the first time (hey, Kai), re-released my first book, Unacceptable Behavior, and released my first standalone project, Hey Auntie.

In 2022, I'm hoping for continued momentum and most importantly, more consistency from a communication standpoint (here and Facebook especially).

I found last year that I seemed to do well to publicize my literary intentions for accountability's sake. So with that said, I'm shooting for two and a possible full-length projects for '22 (and of course, there will be shorts--like the one that's on the way before February).

If you are new-ish to my pen...welcome! If you have been around for a while, stay your ass right there, because I've gotten used to you being there in whatever capacity you have been.

That's it and that's all for now. Wishing everyone the absolute best.

(Oh, 2/8/2022, The Big Book of Orgasms, Vol. 2 anthology drops. I may have a story in there.)

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