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Will I see you at Black Readers Con?

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Black Readers Conference 2022, is fast approaching. Have you purchased your tickets? If so, have you made plans to come hang out witcha boy at the Black Leather & Lace VIP pre-party experience?


On October 28, the BRC brain trust will be hosting the Black Leather & Lace event for VIP ticket holders.

The panel I will be taking part in is, "What Men Want vs. What Women Think."

The panel is aimed at dispelling myths and misconceptions that exist between men and women--a conversation greatly needed in the current day.

Now why I was asked to take part, I have absolutely zero clue. No, all jokes aside, I was humbled by the invitation and look forward to what is hopefully a great discussion.

Unfortunately, VIP NIGHT tix are sold out, however, tickets to the conference are still available.

So grab those tickets, because this should be a good one. Hope to see you there!

FYI: this panel begins at 7:10 PM ET/4:10 PM PT on October 28.

For additional info see below.



When: October 29 & 30, 2022

What: The Black Readers Conference is "a 2-day conference to empower & convene a community of black readers (book clubs, bloggers, podcasters, BookTubers & Bookstagrammers, etc) through various avenues of literature & social events."

In short, it's a conference for reading-ass Black folk to link, network, and enjoy the company of other reading-ass Black folk (my words not theirs). The Black reader community is far more vast than I feel many truly understand. Come learn about what you've been missing.

For details on all of the goings on at this year's conference visit:

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