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A Playlist for Sexy Time, With or Without a Valentine

In another life, one of my many vices was putting together mixes/playlists for others and myself because is everything. During my college days I hosted a radio show among other things, and that access to music just sparked something in me creatively.

Fast forward to the present. A fellow creative and writer friend of mines Siera Revol, once asked me to put a playlist together for her to use when she's maneuvering in the headspace to write about 'sexy time'.

Above you'll find a stream of the second volume of that project which I put together last month. Revol, vol. II, is a fifteen track R&B playlist consisting of songs released in the last year+. Meant to do absolutely nothing but send your mind, energy and vibe into a realm of red light lit existence.

Feel free to take it for a spin and let me know what you think.

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