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"Say What You Mean", is Live!

The below is found in the front matter of Say What You Mean, released today.


To my literary namesake, we did it again!

FWIW, I feel pretty solid about it. I think I found my voice and what sets me apart, finally. Man, the stink eye you are giving me at that comment is no less piercing from the other side of tomorrow.

This one is for my overthinker family. Yes, I am talking to all of you! Let's pledge to get out of our own way and take one more step forward each day. Put pen to paper, fingers to keys, and do the words.



In the sequel to my Thanksgiving novella, the setting of Say What You Mean splits time between the Washington, D.C. area and North Carolina. The story is built around one shared question/feeling..."why can't I quit you?"

#SWYM picks up two months after the whirlwind weekend David Marcus and Elizabeth "Liza" Anderson spent over the Thanksgiving holiday. In allowing greed to cloud their judgment, the pair extend what should have been one helluva taboo memory--leaving space and opportunity for deeper desires to grow.

But to what end? Their reality still is what it is. He is her co-worker's favorite nephew. She is thirteen years his senior.

Frustration ultimately divides them, but an innocent need stoked in desperation forces him back to her.

Helping him through the biggest challenge in his young life steadies him. But reconnecting ignites the want that exists just below the surface. Absence indeed, makes the heart grow fonder...and the lust grow stronger.

But reality is temperamental, unforgiving, and a constant that isn't going anywhere.

This older woman/younger man tale asks and answers the question, "So what is we doing?"

Available on - <<< click here

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