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Let's talk, "Say What You Mean"

[WARNING] If you have not read, Hey Auntie, go ahead and back out of this post. It is not for you. WE TALKING ABOUT PART TWO, BABY!!!



In the Thanksgiving novella, Hey Auntie, Elizabeth "Liza" Anderson meets David Marcus Collins in the most innocent of chance encounters. What followed was a whirlwind taboo tryst throughout a holiday weekend normally reserved for family, overindulging and stuffing.

Oh, but them leftovers!

(sorry, it was right there...I had to)

Say What You Mean, picks up two months after the final chapter to Hey Auntie.

Frustration has taken two people that tried to fuck their way past underlying feelings, and made them individuals trying to distance themselves from what they truly want. Reality tells them both they have to move on for different but very real reasons. However, the little things outside of the physical they found in one another, keep getting in the way.

When David Marcus suffers an injury that threatens to derail his final season on the court, he reaches out to the one person whose energy is unlike any he'd ever encountered.

Ms. Liza answers the call, understanding the desperation and angst threatening to overcome someone she cares for. Someone she wishes she could take the best parts of and put into another.

What happens next?

Tuh! Why vibes and yah'meanery of course. Vibes and yah'meanery.

What can you count on?

Elite levels of carrying on in ways David Marcus and Ms. Liza are very well-versed.

Say What You Mean, is on the way.

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