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"Hey Auntie" (excerpt - IV)

Updated: May 4, 2021

Chance encounters, who is she moments, and baby oil. A random check-up, allows Liza and David Marcus' paths to cross for the first time in public. A friendly gesture finds them alone for the first time in private.



How long has it been since I’ve been in an actual gym? Looking at all of this information I grabbed plus what they gave me, a long time apparently. Most of those machines looked like I needed a master’s degree to operate. And some of these classes, hula fit, aqua spinning, eh.

The front seat of my car looked like a paper mill threw up in it. Exercise calendars for this month and the next two, a folder containing everything from insurance waivers to instructor contact info to class breakdowns and customer feedback. Overall I have to say I came away very impressed with what I saw of the facilities. These folks are definitely good at supplying you with information. And the swag bag was a nice touch.

Hunger pangs played against my ribs like a xylophone causing me to put down information on the origins of the gym.

“Why in the hell have I been in this parking lot for forty minutes,” I asked aloud to no one in particular.

A quick Google search showed me that there was a mall food court 2.3 miles from here. Hmmm, that’s more than likely all fast food or greasy alternatives. Looking around at my immediate surroundings, my only options seemed to be places I know nothing about. Not really in the mood for experimenting.

“Wait, I have Collins leftovers in the trunk!”

The happy dance that took over my body was not cute in the least, but right now I couldn’t give a damn. A bitch was hungry. I opened my door when it hit me that I did not have access to microwave nor oven, which brought me right back to square one. Just as I was about to give up this feigned thought of trying to be responsible, I sat back in the car and called Lauren to save me from myself. After two rings, I hung up and turned my attention towards the front of the gym.

Maybe I can ask the front desk for a nearby option.

A car pulled up in the front of the facility and a young black woman got out, walking around to the passenger’s side. The man that climbed out, was headed inside when the much shorter woman grabbed him by his wrist.

Trouble in paradise much?

When he turned around to face her, basketball under his arm, drawstring bag on his back, with a look of exasperation all over his gorgeous features, my eyes threatened to jump out of my head.

“David Marcus?”

I looked around the inside of my car expecting someone to be looking back at my loud exclamation. Of course, his fine ass would have a woman. The question is, why do I care?

What I would not give to have a Bluetooth signal that can pick up that conversation though. Whatever it was, was not being received very well.

Their conversation carried on for a few minutes before he bent down and kissed her on the forehead. The hug was long. Far too long to be of the see you later variety. David Marcus released their embrace and headed into the gym bouncing the ball a few times before disappearing from view.

He never looked back.

The woman sat on the edge of her car and watched him walk inside before holding up her phone. A flash of light popped. She turned the phone at an angle and there was another flash. The next thing she did was continue to look into the phone, as her head slowly tilted from side to side like she was taking video.

What the fuck is she doing?

Clearly happy with what she got, the younger woman got up and walked around to the driver’s side, got in, and pulled away from the curb. As the car drove by, I looked through the window to try and get a closer look at her.

Why do I feel compelled to take my ass in this gym right now? That man is your good friend’s nephew. His momma invited you to her home for Thanksgiving, sight unseen and now you are looking to go inside this gym for what? A closer look?

Before I could talk myself out of doing so, I grabbed my bag and headed back inside.

The gym was split level so I didn’t see him at first, but as soon as one of the staff was headed over to me, David Marcus walked out of the locker room and into one of the offices in the back. Encased in glass the office provided a voyeuristic sightline, so I moved deeper into the bowels of the facility for a closer look.

There was a lot of head nodding.

Some arm extensions.

Measured pushing and testing of the elbow.

And a number of single-arm presses with weighted balls.

When the evaluation was done, a sheet of paper was handed over, they shook hands and David Marcus headed out onto the main floor. He must have felt me looking at him because he looked up and to the right where I was sitting and spotted me instantly.


“Ms. Liza, I didn’t see you when I came in. How’s your visit going?”

The smoothness in his stride, matched with that cocky smile of his should not have the effect on me that it does.

“David Marcus, hi!”

Fuck me, that came off overly anxious. Breathe girl damn.

“They sent me home with a lot of information. They have so many damn classes. I tried a few machines and made sure to take basically one of everything they had material for like you said.”

He laughed and then his tongue eased out of his mouth and ever so slightly slid across his bottom lip. Pulling the corner of it in-between his teeth.

“So uh...what are you...I’m sorry,” he cut himself off, shaking his head. “Can you stand up please?”

Confusingly, I stood to my feet and came within a few breaths of his chest.

“Is everything alright? Was I breaking some kind of rule?” I asked, glancing back at the machine.

“No, not at all. My vantage point was just fucking...excuse me, bothering me.”

The confusion on my face, made him push out a gust of air.

“Please don’t take this in a disrespectful manner, but you are extremely attractive Ms. Liza. Your top and the way you were sitting on that machine, fuck, I couldn’t concentrate.”

I swear if this boy says fuck one more time, it’s going to happen. Consequences be damned.


I could feel the flush making itself comfortable on my cheeks and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. Honestly, I am not entirely sure I want to.

“So um, what are you doing here?” I asked trying to drive a wedge in-between the mounting tension.

“I felt a little something in my elbow when I was working out in the garage earlier. Didn’t feel like waiting until I got back to school to have the trainers look at it, so I came to get a prelim check-up of sorts.”

“Oh no, is everything okay?”

“I’m a big boy, Ms. Liza, it’s gonna take more than a little elbow pain to take me out.”

David Marcus raised both of his arms out to the side and flexed his muscles while biting his bottom lip, looking side to side playfully. The silent laugh that followed made his chest move and was capped off with a smile. The big full wattage version that his mom has and from up close, that shit almost took me out.

This black man has a beautiful smile.

“Nah, Rason was able to help eliminate a few serious possibilities for me. Once I told him I was a kinesiology major, he used it as a teachable moment that was pretty dope. He sent me home with some homework, I ain’t like that too tough. But it was cool. Anyway, enough about me...”

The lip bite returned.

Boy if you don’t stop.

“What is Ms. Liza about to get in for the rest of the day?”

“All this activity has me famished. I’m not familiar with this part of Maryland so I was gonna ask the front desk for any nearby food recommendations. Then I remembered I had leftovers waiting for me.”

He looked at the clock on the wall then turned back to me.

“Luckily for you, it’s cold outside, so those leftovers should still be good in the trunk. But if you are ever hungry in the future, there is a Subway around the corner. And at the end of the plaza, there is a Mediterranean spot that’s good.”

“Thanks. You’re right about the leftovers though I think I’m going to head home. To your earlier question, I have a rather unsexy afternoon of laundry to fold, right after I stretch like this guy I know told me.”

Before I knew what I was doing I rather familiarly reached out and laid my hand on his chest to push him away playfully.

It hard and…

He didn’t move.

David Marcus’ eyes drifted down to my hand then up to my face. When our eyes met, I snatched my hand away like I was touching a hot stove.

“Okay, that was...I’m sorry…” I pushed out.

“You want some help?” He replied. Lifting the chin on my burgeoning pity party.

His head tilted downward and his left eyebrow raised at his own comment. The way that his jaw flexed sent all types of alarm bells off in my mind. Everything about this very moment felt dangerous. But all I saw was milk chocolate in front of me. A very, very, small voice in my head whispered that I needed to walk away from any and all thoughts of responding to that very loaded question. But the shiver that ran down my spine snaked its way around my hip, and in-between my thighs....

“With the laundry or the stretching?”

The uneasy laugh that punctuated my lame response was answered with a simple, Yeah.

That one-syllable word just hung shamelessly, beautifully in front of me and dared me to reach out and grab it.


“After you then...Ms. Liza.”

In my apartment, I placed my keys on the kitchen island across from the door and told him to make himself at home. On the drive to my place, he told me that he wanted me to take a nice hot shower, not too long, just enough to warm and loosen up my muscles. When you’re done bring me whatever oil you have and come lay down on the couch.

I replayed that instruction over and over in my head while I was in the shower and getting dressed. He’s just helping me stretch, that’s it, I kept telling myself.

When I walked out of my room with a towel and a bottle of baby oil, he stood to his feet and held his hand out towards me. Placing my hand in his, he pulled me roughly against him and our lips crashed into each other. My body melted into the hardness of him and the hunger behind his kiss ignited every nerve ending in my body.

His hands held me firm at the waist as his head slowly shifted, creating new angles for our lips to move over and press against. When that thick tongue was introduced to the party, I couldn’t help but to suck on it, pulling a moan out of him that he chased by pressing his growing erection harder against me.

When his hand went up to the back of my neck and he kissed me harder, it was my turn to moan. He pulled away briefly just enough to stare down at me in surprise.

“What…” the breathy tone in my voice mixed with a look of confusion.

“That was the sexiest shit I have ever heard in my life.”

A serious look washed over his features as he licked his lips and reached down for the hem of my tee, pulling it up and over my head in one smooth motion. His mouth drifted down to my nipples and big hands moved their way inside of my shorts deftly, grabbing ample handfuls of ass, bringing me to the tips of my toes.

The sound of his voice, the aggressive, skillful way he maneuvered around me...I could give one single fuck about whose nephew or son he was. This, man, was making me feel things I hadn’t felt in far too long.

Wait a minute, where the fuck did my shorts go? When did he move to his knees? Is he about to...mmmm...fuuuck…

I looked down just in time to see, feel his lips ease in between my parted thighs, and kiss my pussy delicately. It was, so different, but in a good way. The second kiss was deeper, more passionate than the first, but still, some shit I had never experienced before. My eyes were locked onto the top of his head, watching it move slowly and sensually from side to side. Then his tongue slid in between my lips, tasted my clit, and coaxed it between his own.

That delicious sensation he created, made my head snap back as my eyes shot open but I couldn’t see a god damn thing.

“Ms. Liza...Ms. everything alright? Hey, hey, sit down.”

The concern in David Marcus’ voice brought me to.

As I looked around, we were still in my apartment and I had the tee and shorts on that I changed into after my shower, but...I still had the tee and shorts on!

“What, what happened?”

David Marcus and I were at eye level now, with him on one knee and my sitting on the loveseat. He looked on confused and brought the back of his hand to my forehead.

“Um well, you came out of your room after your shower. You had a towel and some baby oil in your arm. I asked if you had something I could warm the oil up in, I grabbed your hand to escort you to the couch, and you kind of...drifted.”

“Drifted?” I asked incredulously.

“Yeah. You looked like a thought crossed your mind or something. You held your head down and I didn’t want to interrupt.”

Okay, so this is embarrassing as fuck.

“How long was I...adrift?”

“Not long, definitely less than a minute.”


I could feel the flush returning to my cheeks and was glad that I had a full tshirt on and not a bralette because it normally starts right in the middle of my chest. This was a terrible idea to invite him over.

“I’m sorry David Marcus, I think I might need to lay down. All that excitement at the gym seems to have taken a weird toll.”

“No problem, I get it. Going zero to sixty with working out can definitely shock your system. Make sure to drink something and eat some fruit or crackers, something light, before you lay down. Dehydration and low blood sugar levels can negatively impact us too.”

“Yeah, I will. Thanks,” I added. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience, in having you come over here for nothing. I can drive you home.”

“Nah don’t sweat it. I enjoyed myself, even if it was just for a second. I’m just gonna rideshare it to aunt Elle’s. I owe her some time before she kicks my ass. You know how she can get.”

Ha...yeah don’t remind me, I thought.

I smiled and nodded at him as he stood to his feet and headed for the door. Watching him from behind, his stride was so smooth.

At the door, he turned and wrapped his arm around my waist, leaning his body into mine. The shock of the move was washed away by a familiar feeling that was so powerful and so real that it scared the shit out of me, but I didn’t fight it. His embrace, even with one arm, was strong but not overpowering.

Honestly, it brought a moan to my lips that I bit down hard on to quell and keep from escaping. What the fuck you are not going to do, is embarrass yourself a second time.

“Remember. Drink something and eat something light before you lay down. Cool?”

“Cool,” I replied.

“Imma catch up with you Ms. Liza.”

I watched him walk down the hallway toward the elevator before stepping inside and closing the door. My first thought was to call my girl Lauren, but then realized, that would be a death wish. With that thought killed, I grabbed a bottle of water and a banana off the counter. Looking at the fruit for a second, I shook my head and put it down, opting for some grapes from the fridge.

With a loud and heavy sigh, I walked to my bedroom, frustrated and defeated. What the fuck am I doing?

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