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A Cross to Bare (post-release)

We are LIVE, been LIVE actually, so let's rap a taste. I know what I tried to do with this project, so you tell me, did I hit the mark?


☑️ #GHOSTSEX - wrote about that, now what?

A Cross to Bare, my second holiday project to-date has been LIVE for not quite a month, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

Roni + the Captain's story was a fun one to write. For the challenge, one. But secondly, because of the focused tone and direction of the story I was trying to tell.

I wanted A Cross... to be an enjoyable read that gave a little:

And then some of this:

Lastly, with a dose of this:

For the most part, I think we got pretty close. All in all though, I just wanted to tell a good story. Something a little different for the #Halloween season, that was easily digestible, with some replay (re-read) value.

If you have read #AC2B:

  • Did you like it, first off?

  • What was your favorite part(s)?

  • Did it give what it needed to give?

If you haven't read it yet?

  • Whatcha...

  • ...waiting for?

  • Here's the link:

A Cross to Bare cover image

Still not quite sold? No worries. Take a look through a few of the related posts, for a peek into what you can expect.

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