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Jsin Graham

Contemporary Adult Fiction Writer

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A Cross to Bare
(Release Date: Oct. 18, 2023)

Following back-to-back years of celebration fails with friends, Roni opts to do something different this Spooky Season--booking a weekend stay at a haunted B&B.


In the novelette, A Cross to Bare, Halloween enthusiast Veronica "Roni" Walker is desperate to make this trip a success. She searches for everything she can about the inn and the rumored ghost, Captain Cross.


Little does she know, her extra effort, garners her a far more memorable experience than she could have ever imagined. That of the up close and extremely personal variety. paranormal erotica

AC2B - cover_final.jpg

Same great characters, witty banter and strong familial connections as its predecessor, Hey Auntie. We got to see deeper feelings lead to spicier intimate moments this time around. I loved everything about this sexy sports romance.

K. Wilson

Reviews for Say What You Mean

OK i rarely stay up late to read... that book isn't going anywhere. But I got to 87% and forced my eyes to stay open to finish this book. Jsin put his FOOT in this novella and I need him to know we are not done!

D. White

Continuing from part 1 the romance between Liza and David never fully went out. From the family finding out about their secret relationship to the truth about their feelings for each other, both Liza and David finally learned to let themselves be

T. Millner

AC2B - cover_final.jpg

A Cross to Bare


Say What You Mean


Hey Auntie


Unacceptable Behavior



Jsin Graham is an author that creates fictional landscapes that smell like breakfast on Sunday morning and sounds like your favorite song coming on while you sit in rush hour traffic.


A military brat turned city boy from the southside of DC, Jsin considers himself a realistic optimist. Toeing the line between being a dreamer and accepting the world for what it is--an experience to be lived in and learned from.

As an author, Graham presents his works as he sees life. Real, unpredictable, and ever-changing. From the good, the bad, and the funny. To the adventurous, dark, and sexy. He aims to make you live inside what you read.


He wants you to feel, what he's saying.



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