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In my current work in progress PSYCHO, Basil takes he and his partner Rhone to Miami on an impromptu rest and relaxation trip.

While the two are in the Sunshine state, the psychotherapist meets up with a trusted colleague and former patient, Dr. Vivian Chase whose also in town for work.

The pair's first face to face meeting in a little while proves to be an interesting one to say the least...especially for one particular passerby.

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Released in October 2018, Unacceptable Behavior is the debut published work from Jsin Graham.

A thirteen story introduction to storytelling.

When It Rains (Saints), Red's Tale and Office Furniture are three of the thirteen stories found in the Unacceptable Behavior set-- available for FREE individual download in PDF format. 

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When It Rains (Saints), is a story filled full of suspense centered around main characters Reece and Liz. A random visitor from Liz's past unearths an array of displaced memories and untold beginnings between the couple that threaten to do irreparable harm to their young relationship.

Red's Tale, a comedy that takes place in Southeast DC is centered around Shane "Red" Peterson and the discomfort that consumes one ill-fated day, all thanks to his particular taste in women.

Office Furniture, is a foray into the world of erotica in a throwback boy meets girl or rather man meets woman story. A new contracted building engineer runs across the path of the office superstar one evening after work, and well...see for yourself.



Jsin Graham is an author that creates fictional landscapes that smell like what you had for lunch. That look like the foreplay you relish so badly. And that sound like your favorite song coming on while you sit in rush hour.


A military brat, turned city boy from the southside of DC, with a southern soul. Jsin considers himself a realistic optimist. Toeing the line between hopeful dreamer. And accepting the world for what it is, while sipping Bombay Sapphire and smoking a cigar.



As an author, Graham presents his works as he sees life. Real, unpredictable and ever-changing. From the good, the bad and the funny. To the adventurous, dark and sexy. He aims to make you live in what you read. He wants for you to feel, what he's saying.




excerpt from author spotlight @ awesomegang.com

What authors, or books have influenced you?
David Baldacci, from a scene creation/set-up standpoint is a master in my opinion. With my next project due to be a full-length novel, I am aspiring to get more intricate in the background of characters and scenes, at least to a modicum of his ability. Eric Jerome Dickey’s “Gideon” series (Sleeping With Strangers, Waking With Enemies, Dying For Revenge, Resurrecting Midnight, Finding Gideon) is the proverbial sweet spot for authors who aspire to produce suspense thriller projects, that are also sexy. When I write in that mode, that is definitely a stratosphere I’m shooting for.

What are you working on now?
Currently, I am working on a novel I started during NaNoWriMo last year entitled, PSYCHO. The MC is Basil Cooper, who appears in two of the stories in my Unacceptable Behavior collection. Basil, is a psychologist who hails from a famed football family in the midwest. Looking to find a way to pivot his counseling style closer to the no nonsense, overly direct way that he chooses to view the world, he walks away from the classic by the book method. Opening up his own practice which uses a more hands-on, aggressive style to helping people.

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