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In "Strictly Business," part IV of Don't Blink: The Gatekeeper Series, your soon to be favorite assassin Diam Rousseau is working through a harrowing attempt to close out two contracts

in the same night.

Normally meticulous in both business and physical dealings, an over reach by an aggressively anxious client brings a rarely seen variable out of the legend known as Portiere--emotion.  

Short windows of opportunity, quick wit, and endless amounts of charm lend itself to this fast moving short.

Head over to Wattpad to check out "Strictly Business" and the first three parts of Don't Blink (The Gatekeeper Series).





When Liza meets her co-worker's nephew David Marcus after Thanksgiving, she's instantly conflicted by her attraction to him.


David Marcus fresh off ending an on-again-off-again situation, happens across Ms. Liza who quickly consumes his every waking moment.

Hey Auntie is a steamy older woman/younger man novella, fueled by mutual curiosity and an overabundance of want.

Don't forget your Tupperware!

November 2021

T2MN - placeholder.png

Talk to Me Nice, is the next full-length project from the Jsin Graham Universe (JGU). A contemporary adult fiction novel, T2MN chronicles the journey of Basil Cooper, a psychotherapist from Cincinnati, OH currently living in the DC area.


While continuing to grow his counseling office, Basil partners with the owner of a pro sports team to develop a counseling alternative for athletes. Immediate success fosters issues of greed and privilege that put Basil in the crosshairs of a very powerful man, when he refuses to fall in line.

Issues of life, love, and career are forced into focus as Basil fights to save his name and all that he has built.


"Strum," is a short story about musical savant, Jerian "Apollo" Adams and Gwendolyn Hill, a lawyer and angel investor. After Gwendolyn's investment group purchases a majority share in a Blues club, she visits the establishment to see Apollo, a highly sought-after guitarist, and leader of the house band, in action. After fighting a losing cliched battle with falling for a musician, Gwendolyn invites Apollo to her place--where she finds out firsthand the depths of his talent.   

"Strum" appears in The Big Book of Orgasms, Vol. 2:  69 Sexy Stories (Cleis Press).


RELEASE:  February 8, 2022 (pre-order)

Unacceptable Behavior is a collection of thirteen short stories that deal with varying degrees of interpersonal relationships. From chance encounters between familiar strangers to using connections to get closer to forbidden fruit-- Unacceptable Behavior explores the nuance found in varying types of interpersonal dealings.

RELEASE:  October 2018  |  re-released:  June 2021



Jsin Graham is an author that creates fictional landscapes that smell like what you had for lunch. That look like the foreplay you relish so badly. And that sound like your favorite song coming on while you sit in rush hour.


A military brat, turned city boy from the southside of DC, with a southern soul. Jsin considers himself a realistic optimist. Toeing the line between hopeful dreamer. And accepting the world for what it is, while sipping Bombay Sapphire and smoking a cigar.



As an author, Graham presents his works as he sees life. Real, unpredictable and ever-changing. From the good, the bad and the funny. To the adventurous, dark and sexy. He aims to make you live in what you read. He wants for you to feel, what he's saying.




excerpt from author spotlight @

What authors, or books have influenced you?
David Baldacci, from a scene creation/set-up standpoint is a master in my opinion. With my next project due to be a full-length novel, I am aspiring to get more intricate in the background of characters and scenes, at least to a modicum of his ability. Eric Jerome Dickey’s “Gideon” series (Sleeping With Strangers, Waking With Enemies, Dying For Revenge, Resurrecting Midnight, Finding Gideon) is the proverbial sweet spot for authors who aspire to produce suspense thriller projects, that are also sexy. When I write in that mode, that is definitely a stratosphere I’m shooting for.

What are you working on now?
Currently, I am working on a novel I started during NaNoWriMo last year entitled, PSYCHO. The MC is Basil Cooper, who appears in two of the stories in my Unacceptable Behavior collection. Basil, is a psychologist who hails from a famed football family in the midwest. Looking to find a way to pivot his counseling style closer to the no nonsense, overly direct way that he chooses to view the world, he walks away from the classic by the book method. Opening up his own practice which uses a more hands-on, aggressive style to helping people.

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