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Jsin Graham

Contemporary Adult Fiction Writer

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Hey Auntie

When Liza meets her co-worker's nephew David Marcus after Thanksgiving, she's instantly conflicted by her attraction to him.


David Marcus fresh off ending an on-again-off-again situation happens across Ms. Liza who quickly consumes his every waking moment.

What happens next is a white-hot weekend tryst fueled by mutual curiosity and an overabundance of want. | older woman/younger man


This novella has all the right ingredients of an older woman / younger man, should we or shouldn’t we trope mixed with some cute and almost romantic moments. 

Jasmine H.

Reviews for Hey Auntie

Whew! The sex scenes were hot, sexy, and steamy! This ended too soon! I need more of David Marcus and Liza! Jsin Gagham definitely has a future in writing.

Jeanetta G.

This was a good read with some steamy scenes. The books definitely left me wanting to know more about what will happen between David Marcus and Ms. Liza.

L. Jackson


Say What You Mean



The Big Book of Orgasms, Volume 2


Unacceptable Behavior


Jsin Graham is an author that creates fictional landscapes that smell like breakfast on Sunday morning and sounds like your favorite song coming on while you sit in rush hour traffic.


A military brat turned city boy from the southside of DC, Jsin considers himself a realistic optimist. Toeing the line between being a dreamer and accepting the world for what it is--an experience to be lived in and learned from.

As an author, Graham presents his works as he sees life. Real, unpredictable, and ever-changing. From the good, the bad, and the funny. To the adventurous, dark, and sexy. He aims to make you live inside what you read.


He wants you to feel, what he's saying.



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