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"Red's Tale" (excerpt)

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Sheer dumb luck causes Shane 'Red' Peterson to have to confess to his boys, his rather particular taste in women, in..."Red's Tale" (1 of 13 stories found in the #UnacceptableBehavior set).


“I feel crazy even asking this, but when are we going to do this again? Hey, you going to Randy’s thing tonight?” The woman said in his direction. Laying across the bed like a teenager.

“Hell, are you?” he replied, snapping his head around in surprise. This old bird is something else.

“You know it. I gotta support my nephew, Press. He's the one putting the party together.”

I gotta support my nephew Press, Shane said in a mocking tone in his head. Just my damn luck.

Press, short for Pressure, was the promoter responsible for any and all events being thrown at the hoodest of hood spots in Prince George’s County. He also had a lock on all things stripper (read, “stripper” ...not “topless dancer”) related, that took place in DC, PG County and suburban Baltimore. And it was all thanks to connects from his former life as the muscle for a big time dealer back in the day…allegedly.

In short, Press wasn’t to be trifled with and most people knew that. He wasn’t the hot head that he was when he was younger, but several folks found out the wrong way that he was only one bad memory away from reverting. Which is why Shane was now thinking, how in the fuck is it going to look that I’m laying the goods to his aunt?

The insatiable older woman rolled over the bed to where Shane was standing and ran her hand across the front of his boxers. Breaking his train of thought.

“Whoa lady!” Clearly, she was looking for another round. While Shane was looking for a lifeline by way of Press’ movements on social media. Because of course this aunt lived in Greenbelt and only a quick fifteen minutes from the club.

“Like I said, you shocked me baby. You act like you’ve been with a black woman before.”

Once or twice he thought while smiling sheepishly in her direction. Think Shane, think! A text came through on his cell while he was looking at twitter. Opening the message, he saw that it was his boy Shawn. And the timing couldn’t have been better as Shawn was the super plug. He knew a little about a lot, where all the blind spots were in random places, and always had an answer for anything.

Shawn: Ey, you sliding thru Drillers tonight? Press got a party set up for Randy's coming home party Shane: EY, I'M IN A JAM MY DUDE. I NEED YOU

Shawn: Wassup, you good? Where are you, what’s going on? Shane: At this chick’s house in Greenbelt

Shawn: Okay. Is she married and hubby coming home or what? Shane: Not quite...

Shawn: So, what? Her woman on the way through? I mean I know we aren’t supposed to hit women but, if she pulls out on you...bruh. Don’t let me find out you got fucked up by no chick lol Shane: Nah, it’s worse. The chick in question is Press’ aunt


Shawn: OH SHIT! You know you gotta fill me in later right? Damn, okay. Uh hold on, I’ll hit you right back.

Shane waited, something far beyond impatiently for his boy Shawn to hit him back. The crew took to calling Shawn “Hendog”, later shortened to Hen when they were younger because it was all that he ever drank. While everyone else was sampling all types of liquor before they were legal, Shawn fell in love with Hennessy and stayed loyal. But he found out about the nickname one day and threatened to cut everybody off from his connects. Needless to say, they never called him that again. To his face anyway.

Shawn called Press to see if he needed any help or extra supplies for the party. This allowed him to find out where he was currently, so he could relay the information to Shane. Turns out he was at Beltway Plaza in Greenbelt, less than five minutes from his aunt's apartment.

After texting that info back to Shane, Shawn told him that he had a cousin not far from the Plaza. He’d send her to pick Shane up and bring him back to Southeast DC, where they both lived.

Shawn: Two things real quick. If you touch my cousin, I’m putting these hands on you Red, for real. And you need to be by the old Gold’s Gym at the Plaza now! My cousin drives a dark blue Altima. You might want to be early to meet her. Not for her benefit, but because it’s nothing for Press to slide by his auntie’s spot. Greenbelt ain’t that big. Text me when y’all get up

Shane: { incoming green message bubble } Shawn: STOP TEXTING AND GET YOUR ASS OUT OF THAT APARTMENT MOE! With that bamma ass Android!


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