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PSYCHO excerpt | "I Missed This"

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Trying to re-center himself in the months following his breakup with Cierra, Basil has struggled through a self-imposed dryspell in the bedroom. But when that resolves fails...


" damn! I missed...this, so so...much...fuck!"

The moans, breathy pauses and sensual tone coming from the woman in the dimly space, filled the room like thick, sticky humidity on a summer day in a poorly ventilated apartment.

It had been months since Basil found himself in the midst of sheer carnal release and the feeling he was inches deep in at the moment, almost felt like the first time. The softness of her curves alone was enough to drive him to the edge far too soon as he laid on his back, allowing her to slowly adjust to his size again.

The way her breath kept catching.

How she lowered herself ever so slowly.

Taking in every inch on her way down...wincing...exhaling…then maneuvering down further.

Her pained expression was dotted with the pursed lips of pleasure, turning him on to no end. His favorite pair of thick thighs bent at either side of him.

As she rested her hands on Basil’s chest, she closed her eyes tight as her head dropped back. Relishing in the decadent agony from welcoming his width back into where it belonged. Her body was slow to readjust to his size, but she was hellbent on doing just that.

Lying under her amongst a sea of white sheets, down comforters and far too many pillows to comprehend, Basil could do nothing but smile in this moment. Though he fought to ratchet down the wattage of it, to keep from killing the mood. He missed her more than he was willing to admit before now. Almost as much as he missed the sounds she made in moments like these. The sensually seductive way her body moved whenever his slow grind struck the right chord, being the only thing that rivaled them.

After a few more minutes of carefully guiding herself up and down varying lengths of him, she hit him in the chest with the heel of her palm. Following that impulse with a rocking of her hips back and forth against him after taking him all the way in to the base.

A sudden stinging smack against her bare ass cheek, forced a wicked smile to appear on her lips. The second however made her cry out as he grabbed a handful of each and controlled her movement and rhythm. His bottom lip between his teeth, Basil lifted his hips up off the bed, thrusting upwards hard and strong. Lifting both him and the woman on top of him off the bed.

"Yes! Oh my God! Do it a...!" Cierra attempted to utter.

But before she could finish her request, he thrusted up into her once more. Forcing her normally soft and smiling eyes. To close tightly before biting her bottom lip in tandem. “Yes! Fuck me Bassy!”

When his eyes opened, Basil saw her clearly despite the lone red light in his room provided by a lamp on the nightstand. Her honey brown skin. Erect nipples standing up off her small breasts. The extra pounds around her midsection that she always said that she hated, but he loved because they were a part of her. The birthmark on her hip, that he licked softly the first time they enjoyed one another. And that amazing ass of hers, that he loved smacking as much as she enjoyed the sensation.

She felt so fucking good on top of him. Wrapped around the hardest piece of him for the first time in far too long.

They locked eyes as he continued to thrust upward inside of her. Her hands moving from his chest towards his throat as she begged and pleaded for him to fuck her harder. Over and over again. As the sound of her voice grew softer and softer.

“I need you to fuck me baby...please,” Cierra said inaudibly.

Moving in autopilot, Basil effortlessly flipped her over just as he had numerous times in the past. The soft, dark brown curls of her short bob laid against his pillow as he stared down at this beautiful woman. Muscles from his shoulders, down to his triceps, biceps and forearms tensed and flexed while both fists pushed down into his pillow top mattress. What followed were smooth, long strokes that he rolled inside of her before, transitioning to a rapid fire burst of energy that caused her to cry out and claw at his back. Her feet interlocked at the ankles around him, trying to pull him deeper.

When the climax he was desperate for came, it was harder than she had the last time they were together. And the only sound that was present, were the hard pants resonating from his own lips. Her arms reached up and wrapped around his neck pulling him into her forcefully. Her lips moving against his ear while she whispered something against his lobe that was impossible to make out.

Cierra’s heart beat furiously against his chest, before he started to feel himself suffocate from her embrace.

Waking up suddenly, Basil sat up in a rush. The sweat on his forehead mirrored that of a man that just went through a cinematic session of love making, the type of which turned actors into overnight celebrities.

But he woke up in his bed alone. His sheets, shorts, abs and thighs, a wet, sticky mess of a vision, reminder, longing, all of the above or nothing at all.

“What the fuck!” He yelled out to no one. Knocking his lamp across the room.

Violently throwing his sheets on the floor, he rolled out of the bed and headed to the bathroom. Washing his hands, Basil glanced in the mirror for a beat before stripping down and turning the shower on, shaking his head in the process. Stepping back into the room, he walked over to the nightstand and picked up his cell. After creating a note to call Dr. Walker in the AM, he headed back towards the heat and the steam.

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