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Creating Better Characters for the '99 and 2000...Thanks Tasha!

In November 2017, I participated in my first ever NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). At that point in time I had reached a concrete decision that #UnacceptableBehavior (UB) was going to be a thing. Though how or when I would arrive at a point of putting it out...ehhh, that's where things got a little foggy.

Though I was still in need of a few more stories to reach my self-identified thirteen for UB, I decided to try out this new...thing, that I stumbled across on twitter. So after a crash course on how everything worked, I got cracking on ultimately what would become #Psycho (my follow-up to UB and my first full-length novel-- hopefully releasing in 2019).

Even with what I felt was a solid foundation for this new project, I knew from reading some other indie authors over the previous year plus, that I wanted my writing to be far better in every way. Sidenote: shoutout to Eliza David, DL White and Tasha L. Harrison for being my goalposts in this fiction writing thing.

Enter Tasha L. Harrison (author, editor, creative). In a very short time, Tasha has become one of my favorite follows on twitter. She's extremely personable, approachable, and simply put...she knows shit.

After picking up a number of free jewels from her on twitter, when she announced she had made a workbook to fully flesh out characters available...I jumped on that. Jumped on it like it was Yves motherfucking Santiago waving me over at the bar. Yes lawd! *ehem*

I feel like I'm about 1/2 way thru the workbook so far. But as a fairly new writer to longer more in-depth projects, I already feel more prepared to introduce characters that can help carry a novel thru all of the settings and emotions I hope to present.

If you are a writer, regardless of your experience level or aspire to be one, I definitely recommend the The Basic Character Creation Workbook.

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