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11/13 - On My Birthday...

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

...we give gifts! Take two stories from my 2018 Unacceptable Behavior release for a spin. UPDATED - 11/13/2023 with Book Funnel links.




On her birthday, Yessenia goes out for a night with the girls reminiscent of the good ol'days. Drinks, dancing, and chilling at a lounge. But the moment she gets home, her thoughts immediately move to her new favorite stranger across the street.

At the end of a hellacious week, Amare finds himself unwinding at home on a Friday night. After falling asleep earlier than intended, he awakens hungry and curious about his new neighbor who just got home carrying balloons.

His curiosity leads to the singing of a new and more enjoyable birthday song.

* UB | "Blow Out the Candles" (Book Funnel)


Alison Tryst is the prototypical super employee at a huge telecommunications firm. One day while ignoring her ex's attempts to reconnect for the hundredth time, a new contract employee catches her eye.

In "Office Furniture," Alison stumbles across a delicious distraction she didn't know she needed.

* UB | "Office Furniture" (Book Funnel)


BOOK FUNNEL >> Landing Page << for JG's Birthday Freebies!

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