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#FlashFictionFriday - While You Were Napping

Updated: Apr 8, 2019


The image of you that I took with me this morning, made it hard to leave. From the peacefulness on your face to the way the different parts of your body transition so beautifully into one another, truly left me vexed. On my commute into the office, all I could think about was the way your lips parted from the first time our bodies blurred the lines of individuality last evening. 

And the feeling. 

That truly wonderful feeling, came rushing back to the surface after I kissed you on the neck before I left. On that same spot just behind and below your ear, that makes your shoulders relax and your body sigh. You know the one. And that was all before stealing one more glimpse.

Rays of soft light framed your body in a way that rendered me speechless. Caressing your lines and each curve in a fashion suitable for a work displayed in the National Portrait Gallery of Art. You, truly...are a sight to behold without even trying. And love, I am grateful for the opportunity to see and experience any moment that we share with one another.

Cheers to enjoying the continued newness of our situation.

Have an amazing day!




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